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Mississauga Kitchen Renovation

Updated: May 30, 2018

Old Kitchen Gets a Complete Makeover

Creative design and storage solutions turn this kitchen into a functional family space perfect for entertaining.

Lorenzo and Shelly loved to entertain and always dreamed of an island in the kitchen where family and friends could just gather around and chit-chat while the food was being prepared. Even when they did not have any people over, it would be the perfect place for their kids to have breakfast or just sit and talk.

With the growing needs of their family, they were also running out of storage space in the kitchen. The dated drawers which were difficult to open and close did not help either. The cabinets and appliances all felt very tired. Their current kitchen made any expansion impossible because of lack of space. A major overhaul was required, which is where we stepped into the picture to help the homeowners open up their space and give their kitchen a cool, contemporary style.


Expanding the Kitchen

The first thing which needed to be done in order to remodel their old kitchen into their new, dream kitchen was expanding it. We designed a completely new plan to expand. To achieve this, the kitchen was completely torn out and the fridge wall was moved two feet into the dining room. Taking down the wall brought a new set of challenges. A few plumbing surprises were discovered. Plumbing pipes above their window were anticipated and duly confirmed when the wall opened up. All this plumbing was later covered with a decorative window valance.

Another challenge surfaced when an unexpected plumbing pipe showed up in the blind corner pantry which was being fitted by the magic corner mechanism for the new kitchen.

After a lot of re-arranging of plumbing and electrical wiring, the blank canvas was finally ready to welcome a new and updated kitchen.

The New Kitchen

Once the space was ready, it was renovated into this luxurious, open eye pleaser with ample storage space and a kitchen island. A number of soft closing drawers and cabinets took care of the convenient storage issue entirely.

More additional upper cabinets over a built-in coffee maker add to the functionality and modern appeal of the new kitchen which is only enhanced by the addition of glass display cabinets – something Lorenzo and Shelly longed for.

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