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Toronto Kitchen


We have been doing an awesome job since 2003. Symphony Kitchens holds a good name in the market for designing and manufacturing. It has an exclusive range of awesome award winning custom kitchens,  custom cabinetry, wall units, bathroom vanities, and custom woodcarving. We specialize in a number of designs of modern, transitional and traditional kitchens. The main goal of our designers is to LISTEN. We take our time trying to understand YOUR NEEDS.  Our team does its truly best to exceed our clients' expectation and to provide the best products and services.

The scope of our projects includes building a single kitchen or completing a full home renovation.  Our professionals will help you with complete dedication and sincerity. We try to ease your renovation process by providing a high level of services and try our best to strengthen the degree of your satisfaction. We work closely with our clients and help them succeed in their home renovation projects.


We are proud to be one of the best teams of renowned designers of traditional kitchens and bathroom cabinets in Toronto. All our products are of superior quality and they provide maximum durability. Once you are in touch with us, you no longer have to worry about your project. 


Back in 1960…

Omelyan Vasyliychuk started the production of some custom furniture in 1960. He made quality furniture for his neighbors and sold it from his garage. He also worked with windows, rails, benches, tables, and more. His talent and intense passion for woodworking were passed down to Vitaly Vasyliychuk, who went to college and studied Art and Metal Works. It was there that Vitaly met his wife, Zoya, who was studying woodcarving. It verifies that, a passion for woodworking runs deeply in our family.

Vitaly Vasyliychuk immigrated to Canada in 1992 to seek a better life for his family.

However, because of the language barrier, he struggled with establishing a business. Yet, he persisted and joined a small company where he was able to learn and improve his cabinetmaking and finishing skills. In 1998, he opened his own business and his son, Oleg Vasyliychuk, started helping him at age 14. These early lessons of hard work and persistence inspired Oleg to continue his self-education in interior design,  photography, and photoshop.


Having gained a great experience in this business, Oleg received many awards starting from the Honourable Mention Award in 2009 and up to the recent time - 2017 Wood Dimond Award. The total of awards is 51.



The excellence is our goal. Oleg says, "Anyone can do a kitchen but not so many companies can design and implement it that the customers will go WOW!" 


Innovation and staying on top of trends is our MAIN GOAL! We love technology. We love new ideas. We love collaboration. We love our customers who want to add their personal touch! 




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