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Luxury Dream Kitchen Full Tour Reveal How To Design an Open Concept Kitchen Toronto

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

We are in one of our projects that we finished and we worked on throughout last couple of months it's a beautiful custom-built home in richmond hill ontario so we were involved we did the whole house bathrooms wall unit bar in the basement walk-in closets and the rest everything that's mill work custom office everything was done by symphony kitchens we worked close with the customers in terms of the design which is the most important aspect of the project it's very confusing sometimes to have to build such a such a humongous home and it could be confusing if you don't have the right people however it gets much easier when you get symphony kitchens involved because we guide you throughout the whole process we explain how it's going to look where it's going where things are going to go and we make recommendations based on style and the rest is totally up to you at the end of the day it doesn't matter what we suggest it's what you want and behind me is a kitchen what the customer wanted this was his idea this was his dream and we made it into uh reality the kitchen is is a painted mdf it's a shaker style doors with a little beat we call it athena door plywood interior dovetail solid wood drawers with the lots of accessories to make it all functional so there's not an inch of wasted space everything is used you have the lamont's mechanism in the corner so all the storage is nice and organized you have to pull out for oils and spices knife dividers cutlery dividers and everything in between so it's all here to make this kitchen a functional space and as well as the look we have an interesting feature you know for this cabinet we wanted to keep the same distance off on each side of the window which is again it's not a must-have it's something that customer requested so my challenge was to make it look good and we decided to make this door looking as a single door but actually with a push open opening it and looking interesting looking different then as well as the open arches on the top it's not it's very it's a customer's request he wanted to have more of a warm curvy feeling to this kitchen using very similar edges on the countertop and throughout the kitchen in the baseboard having the arches so it's using clean lines with a bit of curves together to make it an interesting and fun design we also have a solid wood walnut island that's what has overhang on all three sites so if you like to entertain and you would like to have people come in and sit around or stand around you have lots of room to do that the backyard beautiful backyard just right here so it's easy to come in and have this big island as a serving space for your guests another thing is we have you know very interesting and nice glass design let it let it glass pull out accessories so again there was a space left a nine inch cabinet that we didn't want to waste it is it has all the knife dividers and and utensils paneled appliances so not to expose too much of stainless steel and one of the cool very interesting mechanism is this lamont's which uses all the storage from behind and now it's all accessible so we are using every inch of the space even though it's a fairly big kitchen we're not wasting or losing anything there's a waistband behind the sink so if you're working your garbage is right here and again it's something that a customer requested because they know how they want to use the kitchen so our we we're guiding we're working together on this fun project it's a fun process easy simple and nice there's another garbage so if you have more people three overhang on all three sides you can have lots of guests sit around the island and in case you have bigger crowd you need this sink to wash dishes to throw stuff out you have a second waistband which is very popular especially if you have the space on each side of the stove you have more pull out accessories for your spice racks for your us oils and and things like that the little the little things uh the rest of the kitchen is the base is plywood cabinets it's pre-finished plywood and everything else is painted island is made out of solid walnut and the color is matching it's a little it's a it's a shade darker than the floors we have an excited happy customer he has his kitchen the way he wanted to have his dream is a reality right now and that's what we do our job we we love the process we enjoy the design we have the ability to design anything you want and make your dream come true so from start to finish easy simple and very very visual you will understand what you're getting when and for how much and if you wanted to have a dream kitchen give us a call and we're available anytime anywhere in the world

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