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Mississauga Custom Closet

Updated: May 30, 2018

Everyone wonders where is the bathroom Door in this awesome huge Master Bedroom?@ Symphony We love creative Clients with their amazing wish lists. Read and you will find out.

We Call it the "Bella closet"

-The concept of this closet is to create an enchanted feeling to the whole bedroom. Each door or drawer gives an undisclosed passage to the customer’s privacy. Some doors function as an opening to their luxurious bathroom while others lead to their custom closets. This wonderful idea of the paneled wall helped to create a bigger space of the master bathroom by taking out the standard closet and at the same time created a much bigger looking bedroom by adding mirrors on the long doors. This layout looks beautiful and also very functional. It gives more storage than anyone could ever ask for. It is filled with lots of drawers for her and for him, as well as a lot of space for short and long hang. And, let’s not forget there is also a space for the couple’s great movie night; an entertainment space. This closet received first place from Cabinet Makers Association

Secret Ensuite Door hidden inside the closet.

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The Process & How we did it:

  1. Custom Had a Dream to have something different

  2. Design meeting we measure and review their wish-list

  3. Symphony Design Team came up with few design ideas

  4. Design Meeting with Customer

  5. During Design Meeting came up with creative hidden door idea

  6. Customer Loved it

  7. We Made it

  8. We Install It

  9. Customer Now Loved it even more

  10. This Project Received First Place from CMA in Closet Category

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