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How to use color in your kitchen

Updated: May 30, 2018

Color is an important choice for any kitchen. This selection influences the entire design as well as the emotions of every visitor. Looking at a few simple characteristics will ensure that each owner or renter achieves the right palette for their unique style.

Lighting Lighting must always be considered when selecting colors. Some kitchens feature no natural lighting from sources such as windows. Fluorescent as well as traditional bulbs present a harsher tone or softer tone depending on the actual item used. Bright colors work better in situations where there is a limited amount of sunlight. Avoid the most vibrant or striking contrasts when windows showcase outdoor elements.

Size Room size can appear different just by choosing a different set of hues. Smaller rooms benefit from light colors that will create the illusion of a bigger room. Darker colors create a more intimate space which works well with big kitchens that extend outward into other settings. The ultimate selection will depend on the importance of the kitchen to an overall style.

Cabinets The size and color of cabinets often influences the entire look of a kitchen. Contrasting appearances may create a striking design in locations creating a contemporary style. Using one muted tone across an entire set showcases classic appeal. White is one of the most commonly used colors because it blends well in any place. Using a two-tone scheme is a common strategy to allow more than one look. A dominant color covers the entire line of cabinetry while single lines highlight the trim and edges.

Location Placement is a crucial factor when deciding which tone and hue properly fits your setting. Kitchens that are situated near any main door utilize simple looks that do not distract from the overall room. Lighter colors, as well as more vivid selections, are best in areas with less traffic. Changing tones may create a dynamic atmosphere that emphasizes importance.

Flooring The choice of flooring may ultimately be a deciding factor in color selections. Wood floors present the widest range of color options, varying from light to dark. Laminate, as well as tile, flooring features various patterns and designs that further complement any palette. Unnatural colors especially find a place among choices with distinctive looks.

Appliances Appliances are now available in a variety of colors. However, white or silver metallic finishes feature most prominently in kitchens. These choices allow a larger range of colors to be used. New models are also offering contemporary looks that were previously unavailable or out of production. The use of vivid colors on these items should always be taken into consideration. Too many bright overbearing tones could cause a significant problem.

Achieving the correct color palette for your kitchen is easy to accomplish. The sense of satisfaction at the right selections makes everyone happy and content. Major designers as well as do-it-yourself rookies find pieces from Forrest Furnishing fit a wide range of themes. Every homeowner or renter will find that the right color choice enhances their special room.

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