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Design Awards 2014

Updated: May 30, 2018

Symphony Kitchens Makes Music @ 2014 CMA Design Awards

Toronto – Symphony Kitchens, is no stranger to winning

awards for their unique kitchen and bath designs. This year is no exception for designer Oleg Vasyliychuk and Vitaly Vasyliychuk. Symphony Kitchens, have walked away with TEN awards already this year. “We got FIVE first places in North America for different categories; closet design, framed kitchen design, modern kitchen design, kitchen finish and two third places for finish and framed kitchen design. We also got two second place awards as well as one Honorable Mention. Basically all our designs submitted got nomination and that’s super exciting.” Vasyliychuk beamed!

Vasyliychuk and his family run the family owned Symphony Kitchens business, based in Toronto, Ontario.

“I am the designer, and my family runs the rest of the business. My biggest goal is to create high end quality products. I simply love it when I get a “Wow!” reaction, from our customers and their friends, when a project is completed and goes beyond their expectations.”  Vasyliychuk said.

One of their most popular cabinet designs, that has been requested this year is shaker style cabinets. These cabinets are simple in design yet have an old fashioned eloquence to them.

Other popular concepts for Symphony Kitchens, are the stunning bars, libraries, home offices and closets they have designed. A look at some client photos, that can be found on their website at, http://www.symphonykitchens.ca, reveal why they are an award winning business.

“Working closely with our clientele, ensures that the manufactured or custom built personalized products, meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Our services include: production, design, finishing, installation and more. Working together with our clients and getting them involved in the process of design and even production. We have clients who create their own glass and make or add their own ideas. We personalize their kitchen and make it their own piece of art. This as well as exceeding expectations is our secret weapon for making beautiful music with our clients.”  Vasyliychuk stated.

2014 Cabinet Makers Association Design Awards:

First Place Closet – Over $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto, ON


First Place Kitchen — Euro – Over $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto, ON


First Place Kitchen – Euro – Under $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto, ON


First Place Kitchen – Face Frame – Over $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto, ON


First Place Kitchen – Finish – Over $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto, ON


Second Place Kitchen – Design – Over $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto, ON


Second Residential Bar – Face Frame – Over $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto,


Third Kitchen – – Euro – Over $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto, ON


Third Kitchen – Design – Over $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto, ON


HM Kitchen – Design – Over $25K ~ Symphony Kitchens Inc. – Toronto, ON


If you are looking for a talented and diverse team, that is able to combine all its capabilities, into a product that reflects your personality in every way. Then Symphony Kitchens, may be just what your looking for. For more information call,(416) 255-7700, or visit their website:  http://www.symphonykitchens.ca


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