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What is the difference between Custom Cabinets and stock cabinets

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

hello everyone and welcome back to our channel in last video we created standard kitchen design for Jerry and have you ever wondered what is the difference between Custom Cabinets and stock cabinets and how does it look so in the current picture that you're seeing this is using stock cabinet design so what does it mean using standard cabinet sizes that are off the shelf they're not they're not custom they're not modified this is something that comes standard so they come in standard sizes 15 like 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 and by by doing that this is basically a stock cabinet so they cannot be modified they cannot be changed and basically in this video custom kitchen versus stock kitchen design this is what I'm showing how a standard kitchen looks and how uh we're gonna design a custom kitchen right now let's take a look and enjoy

thank you okay so after saving all the files and preparing them to email to the clients I just wanted to show you the difference so this is the first original design that we created using standard cabinets and as we see this is working it could work potentially work for the client it just sometimes I'm not really liking the big oversized door on the left hand side but it's a 21 inch and that's whatever fits so if that works for the clients that's fine if they really like to use the standard cabinets they could do that they don't have to go into a custom option but I I'm not I don't see the Symmetry in this design and the balance is so using an example in now custom Cabinetry we can see the really how much the difference is now that we have three doors on the left of the hood three doors on the right now we can also have a nice custom hood design so we can cover and have an insert inside we can create a more uniform look we can modify the drawers we can add spice racks on the bottom of the cabinets and we can make it more symmetrical more balance and more interesting as well as using the the proper the proper using every inch of the space we can also bring the cabinets very close to the window by adjusting the sizes because custom-made cabinets they're they're made to fit so if we need to make a cabinet that's 15 or 14 inch that's possible now looking at the standard cabinet again going back to the standard cabinets looking at the fridge wall this wall doesn't change in terms of the look however the with using standard cabinets are some of these cabinets were not could not be modified so they would have to they won't have the proper access and especially if you have bulkheads behind and stuff like that you you will not be able to modify them with custom Cabinetry you have the option to modify them make make every inch count and have the storage property done as well the other thing here is depending on your oven and microwave with standard cabinets you have to stick to it's an opening you have to stick to a certain model if the model is smaller then you'd have a big filler the model is bigger it wouldn't work in standard cabinets with custom Cabinetry you have the flexibility to do what you want and then everything is going to be adjusted it could be your oven could be placed at a convenient height for you and the way you like it to be the microwave could be placed convenient height for you everything is modif everything is adjusted to your needs so in this video I wanted to show you the differences between the standard and the custom and basically again just to record recoup you have more options you have more colors you have more more flexibility with the design and using every inch of the space you have more accessories that you can you can use in your in your Cabinetry and everything is looking much much nicer with your custom Cabinetry however if the budget doesn't allow to have a custom Cabinet a custom Cabinet designed or Custom Cabinets then of course standard sizes is the only way that you that that you have to go and but by using the by spending the time and properly designing it you can still accomplish a beautiful design and a nice layout of your space so just the difference to show you the difference between standard and Custom Cabinets for this client and uh hopefully enjoyed the videos please don't forget to like And subscribe to our Channel we have more kitchen designs that we will be posting and creating so enjoy your day enjoy your Renovations and have fun designing

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