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Toronto Kitchen Renovation

Hi, so today we're visiting one of our one of the recent projects that we

finished a couple of months ago this is Pauls kitchen I wanted to start from the

fridges and this is the first kitchen where there was a big debate

regarding the space of the kitchen and the size of the fridge so this is not a

big kitchen considered it's it's a medium-sized it's not very wide so when

the customers came to me and said Oleg we would like a 30-inch fridge I was

really debating that and I said you know what for the size of the kitchen I think

it's a little bit overwhelming however I you know the customer is the boss and

and I do listen and I said that's fine I will work out a design and make sure it

works this was this space was totally different and we will show you in the

video part of the slide show this looked before it was a very small kitchen and

with a tiny fridge and it was a bit of a challenge to put a six-inch fridge in

such a small space but as you see we did it it does fit it does look very nice

and it functions the family really enjoys it and they love it so on top of

the fridge we have a lot of a lot of tray dividers Paul is a professional

cook the whole family cooks everybody's in the kitchen always stuff is being

used it's not a show kitchen it's a working kitchen and just to show you how

many trays you know what water tray dividers and it is fully loaded as you

see so we have trays in here we have trays in here so a lot so everything is

everything is nicely organized and done at the end we have the pantry storage

with some more cutlery for your dining room

nice dovetail drawers got three dividers everything is all set up and functioning

well then they do a lot of baking and the appliance mixes one

of the things is very heavy and comfortable a lot of times it's in the

basement and it's not a fun thing to bring up and down so we found a spot we

had a little space and again this was all working and working with the design

it's right here it just lifts up and you know we have to move all the stuff on

the bottom lifts up you plug it in and you use it the next mechanism we have is

is LeMans and again this one you know they have it

you can store anything you want it just sucks away it brings all this stuff from

behind so you don't have to bend and dive you know behind you're inside your

blind cabinet and very convenient very popular the next one is a nice double

bin garbage so you have you know for recycling and and then there's another

garbage under the sink lots of upper storage we framed the window nicely no

no casing again to maximize the cabinets stove area was very important for Paul

it had to have enough clearance we went minimum on the space again to leave as

big of peninsula as possible right side of the store we have oil and spices well

in this case it's all oils so yeah again based on the customer feedback

everything is you know right left it could be all placed according to your

design then we have some more spices on the top that's why there's more oils on

the bottom and this is our smaller sinks one here on the left one on the right

the idea here is again to frame this area to bring it out to make it

interesting and to kind of you know bring the attention to this area and

here we have spatula again as the kitchen before very popular very

convenient it's just right here very nice soft closing two more trays lots of

baking cooking and more drawers so again everything is nicely fitted and

everything is functionally working really like the backsplash it was

something that you know it we went to a couple of different locations on this

project again it was part of the we did a full renovation this is an old kitchen

everything was a teardown we added pot lights we changed the

window we did the tiles we did the bathroom as well so everything was new

freshly painted we picked the colors together also very

nice detailing on the crown molding everything is kind of 45 clean-looking

easy you know to clean no no as minimum dust collectors kind of thing a nice

powerful stove with the hood everything is working great the family has been

using this kitchen for a couple of months and the place I'm gonna end this

deepen insula this was something that came in the process as thought as I was

talking to the family I you know they have the two little kids growing up and

kitchen is something that you communicate you connect and everybody is

here so that's something they were lacking they had a table at the corner

so it wasn't functional they did Peninsula but I was taking out this way

it wasn't just working well so this was something that again came in the process

and I just said you know what it would be nice to have it you can use it from

your stove you can use it for sitting you know the kids could be studying here

or just communicating while somebody as you see if they have the cutting board

Paul is prepping and then the family could be sitting enjoying their coffee

or wine and you know having a nice talk and then we

have another set of drawers this is for deep deep drawers they're 15 inches deep

for pots and and kind of and trays and the last thing is a another blind

cabinet which in most kitchens is a waste of space and something that you

don't want to get into but here it's full of full of pots and pans so it does

work nice and smooth it does take a lot of stuff

and there you go so and that's that's it so this is today's pauls kitchen thank


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