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Shaker Arts & Crafts Kitchen

The clients bought a house two years ago and now had enough with their old dysfunctional kitchen. They wished to have something new and exciting. They really wanted a freestanding island where they could sit down and have a snack. One of the most important wishes was to keep it sharp and clean, incorporate stained glass and stay within the budget.

Its original form, with unattractive cabinets and dropped bulkhead, had a limited the storage space and the pleasure to work in the most important room in the house. There was no room to fit an island and when the clients had guest, their narrow doorway which leads into the dining room made it very inconvenient to serve the food. The fridge always felt out of place and a small table with chairs was blocking the walkway into the family room. Insufficient amount of drawers and poor cabinet planning kept a constant mass in the kitchen area. The kitchen felt closed and out of order.

Our new design incorporated a breakfast area, creating a better planned L-shaped kitchen that had a better flow from each room. To accomplish this flow and have a functional island one of the walls separating the dining room had to be removed. The fridge was relocated and put in between the two shaker style columns which were designed to bond with the rest of the kitchens shaker doors and moldings. Decorative shaker posts were used for the sink which was brought forward to break the straight line of the counter top and give it some more character as well as bring the attention to its stylish faucet. Two decorative columns on each side of the island made it as a separate piece of furniture. The island was made out of pot drawers and an open cabinet with slide out baskets for fruits, which made it easy to find and always available for their kids.

The decorative hood was kept simple having one decorative stained glass window that connected the hood with the upper corner cabinet and over the window arch. Left and right upper and base cabinets beside the hood had pull out shelves for oil and spices storage. The magic corner unit was placed in the blind base cabinet for better use of storage space.

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