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Properly Designed Open Concept Custom Kitchens Toronto

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

When clients come to us they are expecting a functional kitchen design. However, some clients have been working on their kitchen for months or years. They maybe have a layout they already like and they just want to have it done. This was a situation with our client Dolly. She came with a finished layout and told me just do it! But after checking appliances and all the specification I realized that her design is not going to have any flow. There was a potential of fridge hitting the countertop and Dolly would have to be very careful opening the fridge. When you have to use your kitchen carefully that might not be a fun experience. I realize that kitchen is a huge investment and if you spend the money and it doesn't work properly it might be unsatisfied experience for many years to come. In this video I am going over how to make a proper kitchen design and layout design. More specifically how to make a functional kitchen design and layout design. Also going over her old kitchen design and comparing to her new kitchen design ideas. I understand design is not an easy process and we can rush into kitchen layout that doesn't work. Which is why you need kitchen layout ideas. You need to understand u shaped kitchen, There are also l shaped kitchen, galley kitchen. For me it doesn't matter if its a small kitchen renovation or a large kitchen design with a kitchen island. My job is to make sure the layout is correct. I work with each client individually and listen to all the concerns and how they use the space and then provide kitchen island ideas how to design a kitchen and how to layout a kitchen floor plan. So if you wan to know how to plan a kitchen layout and how to use kitchen working triangle then check out kitchen planning guide and make sure your dream kitchen is going to function and flow.

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