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Proper Kitchen Planning and Design

Proper Kitchen Planning and Design

Hey everybody welcome back in todays video we are going to go over a proper kitchen design so i understand its complicated to redesign your kitchen and all these things and what's available in the market and you have a big wish list of all the appliances and you want to do this and that

And in the end of the day you rely on somebody to give you suggestions and recommendations and design a proper space. With this particular kitchen i wanted to show you a couple of series because the clients came to me and this is the kitchen we are working on right now and she says she has been working on this project for a year and she has talked to a couple of people and her design is solid and confirmed, there's no changes she's happy with the layout and everything is working out fine. So when I looked at this I immediately noticed a few things that i didn't like but again when somebody tells you that they are happy and satisfied you just go with it right? Yes, that is what we do but in my opinion if I see something; a potential problem, something that won't be working within your kitchen design- I'm going to tell you about it. I'm going to be annoying. I'm just gonna bring up the point to make sure you analyse and think this through. I'm going to be annoying… i'm going to bring this up and I'm going to repeat it again just to make sure you understand what you are actually gonna be getting. Because it's not gonna work, in some situations you might be uncomfortable using your kitchen and that's not exactly what you want to do especially when you are spending so much money on your brand new kitchen.

So this video I will be repeating, myself a little bit and I'm going to be going over a design and ideas that I have created for this client and see what they think. The issue that I saw is actually the biggest issue, is the entrance to this kitchen, as you see it's not very open it is very closed in because of the appliances she wants to do . And this is a potential problem, you don't want to be going through a 30'’ walk through into your dining room from your kitchen, you need to have flow, you need to have space.your kitchen has to be open, welcoming and have proper layout. So, in this video i'm designing what she has and adding my ideas, redesigning it, adding more. So let's see what happens.

This is a new project- its a custom kitchen, for Dolly, going over the design she already had from another designer and went over the details looked at the specification of her appliances and discussed all the these thing and now it's time to move on and start doing the production drawing and making sure the electrician has all the information and make sure everything is how it's supposed to be. So, i'm going to be working on this kitchen on Autocad and if anything will come to mind i will also be providing other options as well, because for example with the island location she has a wall into the basement, right there and interfering with our island size, so this is the kitchen layout, basically, they removed the bulk head there was a wall in this location right here and so they extended kitchen , they made it wider in order to fit a beautiful big island. And again because of these staircases to the basement, there's still not enough space to fit the island, it's just not letting it go there's just not enough clearance, the island is about eight feet by three feet deep and its not bad it's much better than what they had or they didn't have an island at all. However, what I came up with is a different idea and again we have done a couple of islands like this before and it's basically making it into an irregular shape. So it would be following a straight line on this side but as you go to the end it expands. So i lauded out the two by fours to give you a visual of the space as well and to see the clearances are good and have room to walk around the island, everything looks like its working, this island shape is also working it's just a different shape its not rectangular it's not circle, it's hard to get use to this idea. So , Dolly's thinking, she's going to decide based on the drawings and also talk with her husband and see what they end up doing. However, this is basically the project. There's a lot of stuff, we are redoing the whole first floor, they put in a beam because they removed the structural wall. They removed the bulkhead, they removed the dry wall insulation and yeah this window will be closed because that's where the fridge will go. We are basically gonna start with the design here. So we have the two fridges on the left, this is going to be a coffee station area, and then we have a oven microwave combination and maybe a pull out, drawers, a cooktop and they were going to have another bank of drawers and then another pull out on this side so we are thinking of blocking the corner cabinet, the corner space because the doesn't like the lemans or lazy Susan mechanism. And she would rather regularly have bigger drawers on this side and have a pull out on the sink side. Then we have a garbage bin, dishwasher and what I'm recommending is not having a break of the cabinets so they are budding into the corner, then the crown moulding becomes a weird shape and how do you connect it. SO i'm suggesting adding a cabinet, like an angle cabinet because it's not going to interfere with the island and it's just gonna go on an angle right here. And then we have a little bit of countertop and pantry storage. Pantry storage is very important to her, and that's why we are going to keep it here, I know it's going to block a little the walkway to the backyard but the door is on the right hand side so it should be fine because pantry is important. She does a lot of cooking and she needs all her things in the kitchen and she doesn't like to run back and forth to the basement. SO that's the layout and so it's basic and now we are going to be detailing it and specifying the locations of everything and making sure everything works. I will be using an autocad, and again just to make sure that we have the proper distances for the lighting and electrical plus and for all the appliances. I reassured the space and I'm ready to go.

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