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Proper Kitchen Planing and Design with Kitchen Design Giveaway

Proper Kitchen Planing and Design with Kitchen Design Giveaway

Hello everyone and welcome back in today's video We're going to be redesigning this kitchen and making a proper kitchen design for your space this is one our client dolly and her kitchen is small dysfunctional and we gonna redesign this make it nice and open and if you want to see a previous video click above of the process how we started with the original design what I didn't like and In today's design, we're gonna be changing it and making it proper kitchen design Also another cool thing that we're doing is a give away free kitchen design giveaway And if you sign up above and put your email and sign up to our mailing list we will pick one of the winners at the end of the month and Design your kitchen at no cost. So all we need from you is measurements and Your ideas and some pictures and then we'll design your space at no cost So you will see it in 3d as you see this kitchen you'll be able to look around and enjoy your space Virtually before you actually build it so if you're stuck on the design and you want a free kitchen designPlease click the link above sign up to our email list and we'll pick one of the winners at the end of the month Enjoy the video. Have fun renovating And today we're going to be talking about Dolly's kitchen and we're gonna be talking about the proper kitchen design. I Understand it's complicated and we all want these big open kitchens and we all want to put a big island But sometimes we just don't know how and what to do So in these videos and we can I'm gonna be explaining the thought process and how we change everything in this kitchen is particularly Specific so if you want to see a previous design that the clients came with to me You can click the link above and take a look at the information and what did we design and this is a kitchen that dolly has been working with the design for a while and she had it all figured out and At the end of the day when I was working with the design, I wasn't totally satisfied. So here let's take a look So she came to me and we started with the with the blank Slate and this is the kitchen that was before so they had a she had a peninsula it wasn't working And does he see she was trying to lay out an island in the floor? So what they decided to do is move that wall. Move this wall into the left so they can fit an island and make the kitchen bigger. They ended up closing that window and basically changing the whole design and This is what was the original design she came to me with which is againIt's a it's a nice layout however When I looked at all the specifications I saw that it's very tight for the fridge area and they're just gonna be Uncomfortable to use the fridge and open it and just there's gonna be this blind spot in in here Which is the blue stuff is? showing how the doors would open So, you know getting into this corner Which is was a coffee station is complicated and not exciting and I thought that this is gonna be a problem It's a kitchen that she wants to use and enjoy and with this kitchen design She's not gonna be happy because it's just not comfortable You wanna have your proper clearance And you want to have a proper flow and you know this kitchen has to work and in this case this fridge location was kind of in the way, and it was also this wall was also blocking a lot of light that they have in the dining room and It wasn't it wasn't working. Well, so this is the entrance to the wall that they built and as you see it's very tight So it's about 28 inches and when you have a main clearance 28 inches You are running into a problem because right now I'm standing in the dining room inFront of me is the dining room It has a lot of light but you see how much clearance you know, it's barely my shoulders are almost touching so again, I was not happy with this and we worked on the design and I was trying to Figure this out. So I did a couple of different variations and As you see when I sit down and design this space I really think this through and you know in terms of the flow and the clearance So I went out and just said and I said, okay, you know what? This is probably not gonna work. Let's come up with something different. So we ended up finalizing this option So we opened up the wall and it turned out to be very very nice. I mean right now the kitchen is right here and this is how the renovation process looks like I also solved the issue of that pipe, which was supposed to be coming out of this of this wall right here and it's basically coming from the basement into the wall throughout the whole kitchen and then up into your into her bathroom which is Which would have a lot of 90-degree corners, so when you have heating and it's going it has a lot of corners You're losing your efficiency Because there's you know, there's heat it's not it's losing inside the pipe and it's just not Efficient so I figured out to make a bulkhead in the basement and just bring this pipe back into the corner right here and That solved all the problems. So now her pipe goes straight from there from the heating into the corner and into her bathroom So eliminated lots of lots of linear feet. So that was the first solution by removing the wall. We improved the heating in the bathroom and now this kitchen is nice and bright. It's very open and it's just a nice open space. So we ended this is the design we went with So we're gonna have like a servery desk servery area So when you're prepping and somebody's serving the table you have lots of clearanceIt's just nice and open space and it's amazing. You know, it has so many lights There's their The clients are very excited and happy that we came up with this and you knowWe went with this kind of design and layout because it's just a beautiful space. You know, there's no more interference. The fridge has the room to open and everything works the other option I was thinking again if you're entertaining And you want to have a kitchen? entertainment zone so as you see I even wrote like you know as an idea again kind of putting a sandblasted glass and and and doing Like a Dali Kitsch and I know this is a little bit too much It's not a restaurant, but just to bring at the point that now if you want to do, you know this is kind of a two-level a two-level design this was also an interesting idea lots of glass for a display and this could be your serving area and a bar and Your dining room is right here. So this is also an interesting design again, this is This option would be pushing the budget over, you know over the limit So we decided that we're just gonna keep it more simple Then I went and did another drawing and kind of doing a more modern look. So again, we're going with transitional design This would be more of a kind of flat panel solid walnut kind of beam look and It was interesting, but this is not not the thing that she wanted to do and then just bling with the colours of doing a hood in different colour in walnut and the island so that again Brings the budget up and that's not our goal. So we decided the final design of the kitchen is basically this and So that's that's that's what we're doing we eliminated some of the glass because she doesn't want to have too much display and The island is an interesting shape as well. So Here, I'm just gonna give you a process of how I designed this space so enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to our channel because we're gonna be going over every week on over different kinds of designs that we have design solutions to help you understand the flow and the kitchen design So this way you can you can work on your kitchens yourself and you can understand the process and you can design these beautiful functional Exciting places where your whole family can enjoy. Thank you very much Enjoy the time-lapse with me designing this space and have fun renovating a kitchen

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