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Hello everybody, and today we are going to be going over a kitchen design and I'm going to be showing you a time lapse of how I'm designing this kitchen behind me. How we went from architectural drawing to a different kind of layout where i'm trying to incorporate a working triangle and have everything located close to your cooking and cleaning and your fridge. Working triangle is very important and with the architect's design he just does a basic drawing and a basic layout to give you an idea. Here we have a different option, totally different from our architect and explaining the whole process the logic behind it and also in this video we are giving a free giveaway, a kitchen design for your own space so if you subscribe, comment and like our video we will choose the lucky winners and we will create your space the same way you see it here, in colour in 3D so your able to see your kitchen and how it could possibly look after a renovation. So don't forget to subscribe, hit the like and comment below and enjoy the video

Hello everybody, we will be working on a new kitchen, for a cottage, its a custom house built outside of the Toronto area, very close to lake Simcoe, it's a very beautiful waterfront cottage, it's a humongous place and they're looking for a modern kitchen and traditional elements throughout the house. So they're going to have wood beams, they're going to have a bunch of other interesting and exciting stuff. So the customer sent me a floor plan, this is a basic architecture drawing, this is how the architecture laid out a kitchen and this is what they are recommending. Again architects do not spend a lot of time designing the kitchen, or thinking how it will function, it's just a basic understanding if the clients want to go with this then great, if they want to do something else go ahead and do it. Most of the time the clients change the design, we change the design because it is based on the clients request, and how they are going to be using the kitchen and what they're going to be doing. So, this particular customer is working with a designer and the designer recommended to remove the pantry because it is only three feet wide by like nine feet deep, so there's not a lot of things you can put in there. I do agree with that and one of the options is going to be opening that space and putting all the heavy appliances to that space, and the other option is just leaving it the same. So we'll see as we work with the drawings, we’ll see where it takes me. The inspiration for this kitchen is basically this design, it's very clean lined, elegant, and modern and uses some wood elements and some super matte finishes. They don't want it as dark, they want it with a bit more lighter tones and they're going to be doing hardwood floors, so there's going to be a lot of wood elements in the kitchen already, going plain cabinets is a good way to go. Because in this particular image we are looking at a concrete floor, very clean and nice and if we change this to a wood floor this would become a totally different look and feel so it's not my recommendation to go with a wood floor. But this is what they want to do and it is totally up to them. Again I'm just here suggesting recommending, at the end of the day the client is the boss and the client decides what he wants to do and how he wants it to look. So here we go, so we have basic measurements, again, they didn't give me a lot of information, so part of this kitchen i am guessing the measurements. So there are 16 inch exterior walls 16 inches. They told me the structure of the house is two by six so I'm just subtracting a foot.

When i go to the job site I'm going to remember, I have to readjust some stuff because they did not give me a full architectural plan because it is not up to scale. Anyways I'm just gonna work with what I have. So, the entrance of the house is in this area , you come into the home, it's a nice big great room, i think it's going to be an 18 or 20 ceiling elevated and then they are going to put the amazing structural beams and a big fireplace at the bottom here and yeah a lot of nice elements and the we have a unheated screen porch which is going to be nice glass sitting area overlooking lake Simcoe. All of these elements are very nicely designed, I think the layout having the dining room, having the sunroom right beside the kitchen- calls for a nice big island with an overhang, overlooking the lake as well. The way I see, people sitting on the backside, you see the architect put people sitting on the back of the stove. You don't want to be cooking and have people behind you… this layout doesn't full make sense at all but again like i said architects slap it in there and without thinking or talking to the client about the kitchen designs, so when they start building the house and they start the talking to kitchen designers, interior designers they start laying out the space and kind of planning it out. The sooner you do it the better because they start putting the exhaust pipes and what i'm recommending is to flip the fridge, and the stove puts it on the other side. They are not very particular on cooking, its more for the looks , so i am looking at how to make the triangle here but he said not to worry about the working triangle, just make a nice design a, make this nice open space, modern kitchen and we’ll go from there. We will see where it goes, as I said I will start designing things will come up. So i'm going to be using the 2020 design

Ok so we have one of the versions ready and this is basically going to be the starting point of this design and the most basic version of where the cabinets are going nine feet tall, there's nothing, more regular standard hight and the cabinets are not going all the way ten foot to the ceiling, and this is keeping the price lower, so base on the customers budget so this is how its going to be and as i was saying i switch the fan on the other side, so you have the fan, the fridge in here and then u have the sink in the middle and an additional sink for this fridge area as well. Here there could be a coffee or oven microwave. This could be a coffee station so that one of the options and now im going to change the design a little bit to give them other recommendations as well, and see what option they like. And in the island i added more drawers and extra cabinetry and the front of the island is the five foot by eight , so its very wide and i also did a waterfall kind of look at the edges.’

Ok now we are going to look at option number two and add some more modifications to this and see where it leads to. But i have some other ideas so that already a design.

So to just go over everything, this is the first design we created, and it basically we are going on a 8 foot ceiling so we are two foot away from the ceiling and this is a general ,layout to keep the cost down because generally the higher you go the more expensive its going to get so if you want to keep you budget lower don't take your cabinets on a ten foot ceiling to the ceiling because its going to increase you cost. However this design they didn't really like the fridge it was far from the working triangle. So you have our stove all the way over on this side and then you have your oven in the corner and your fridge which is the reason I reduced the fridge size to 4 inch so we can switch it with the oven so the fridge is then in the working triangle and that was created in this design. This is actually the second option, adding the cabinets and going to the ceiling, so that's an option how it could possibly look. And the last design is this which is reducing the amount of cabinets but making it more interesting and adding some wood elements, like wood beams and adding a stainless steel hood and some floating shelves, relocating the fridge to this location, So, now the fridge is in the working triangle and because it is a new build the window can be shifted slightly, it doesn't necessarily need to be in the exact spot. So, if they wanted to go with a 48 inch fridge, they could possibly do that. So, it's totally up to the client when your building a new home. You have that flexibility but if it's something that you already have, shifting a window can add additional cost. So in this case it was possible to do a 42 inch fridge and keep the fridge in the corner, if they wanted to go 48 they would have to shift the window which is also possible in a new build. So, again I hope you get some ideas for your space, always think of the working triangle and how you are going to be using this space, how many people are going to be using the kitchen and what you need placed and where. In order to create a functional and interesting design also think of the people when they are coming, so they are not interfering with you for example as the architect was putting that they were sitting in your cooking zone you want the people outside the kitchen so when you are prepping and entertaining you have your own space.

Don't forget to subscribe to our channel, like our video, comment below and we will pick one of the lucky guys to create your kitchen for you and exactly similar layout with your space but in colour and have an idea how your kitchen could look like, thank you very much for watching have a wonderful day and have fun renovating your kitchen.

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