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How to Design A wall Unit

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Andrew is our repeat customer. He is a project Manager @ Finished Basements We have been working together for many years doing great project for this Amazing Company. They will finish ANY type and size of basement in two weeks and its a guarantee. They have been giving us many different type of projects and now its his turn. His basement needs more storage and organization so we are working on wall unit design and layout. I am going over the details on How To Design A Wall Unit Toronto. Providing ideas for your entertainment center ideas wall mounted tv. This one particularly is tricky because of the pull down screen. I explain how to design a wall unit with tv using custom wall unit design for basement. There is never enough storage so in this video we give basement storage solutions and basement storage organization. Its always nice to have more basement storage organization ideas. Also in other videos on this project we will be going over how the wall unit design process works. There will be more ideas on organized basement and add storage with wall unit. custom cabinets for wall unit in Mississauga. custom built in cabinets #howtodesignawallunit

Video Part 1

Video part 2

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