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Toronto Small Kitchen

Updated: May 30, 2018

Modern Rustic Twist

Designing small kitchens gets much more complicated rather than large kitchens because of small space issue. It requires a lot of creative thinking and a proper knowledge about kitchen storage solutions.

Our customers were not satisfied with their old kitchen as it was very out-dated and dysfunctional. Even though their kitchen was very small, they wanted a kitchen where they could store all their clutter and looked exclusively modern.

Designing #smallkitchens is much more complicated then designing #largekitchens

Kitchen Before

Old Dysfunctional small space with blind cabinets, no pot drawers and no working counter top.

Design Process

Our clients said they like to entertain and therefore, not to lose any space we decided to make a small opening beside the fridge into a wine rack with tray storage underneath.

After their first birthday party event at their house they received many positive feedback from their friends and family. Our clients were very pleased with all the feedback and they’ve told us that, “this kitchen looks so good we want to sleep in here”

It was a small but very exciting project for all of our team. And the feedback’s were priceless.

It was also even more Amazing to call clients back few months later and tell them that their kitchen won first place at Cabinet Makers Association Design competitions.

Finishing & Results

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