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Small Laundry Room Design and Layout in Toronto

Do you have a tiny laundry room and you need to make design and layout in Toronto? Today I am designing small laundry room design and layout in Toronto These particular clients got very disappointed when they found out the washer and drier does not fit into the space. When regular depth washer and dryer stand side by side they fit however the door is hitting and not opening properly. So we came up with a great solution. Making the washer and dryer stackable. This small laundry room layout in Toronto is very common. Its considered a luxury to have a huge laundry room space. Here I am presenting few laundry room ideas. Also teaching you how to design your laundry room. Before you design think of laundry process step by step. Figure out if regular depth washer and drier would work for you? In such small spaces it would be good idea to use apartment style washer and dryer. However if you want a nice laundry room design then you need to spend the time or hire laundry room interior designer who will design custom cabinets for laundry. #symphonykitchens#customclosetdesignandlayout#smallclosetdesign

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