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Isaloni Milan 2013

Symphony Kitchens goes to Italy.

This spring Symphony Kitchens has visited International Milan Furniture Fair which is called “iSaloni”. It is the best worldwide trade show for furniture products, where designers and dealers come for new ideas. Every year hundreds of pavilions present innovative and up to date products. Symphony Kitchens was impressed with the large number of unusual solutions of room design. Even the most demanding taste will be satisfied here.

At showcase great attention was paid to the project “Office for Living” presented by Jean Nouvel. In it French architect combines the pleasure of living and working relying on the fact that we spend a lot of time in the office.The result is a sort of compressed city. Another amazing thing that had a big impression on Symphony Kitchens is project with lights by Michael Anastassiades, who transforms light into a spatial event.

As for the kitchens FTK (Technology for the Kitchen) is leader of domestic technology at the trade-show. Such as modern life requires multifunctional solutions size and ease of use are major drivers in the manufacture of domestic appliances.

But the most successful project, to my mind, was ‘Design and Craftsmanship: Together for Industry’. It responds to the need that today’s young designer’s feel, which is integrating tradition with the technological possibilities and modern industrial production.

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